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cMAC - Active Fire & Gas Management

Fire and Gas detection systems play a crucial role in risk mitigation, protecting people, environment and assets.

Operators face many challenges with their Fire & Gas systems. Knowledge that the F&G design has produced optimal detector location, type and quantity. Once operating, knowledge of detector availability and the impact of a loss of detector are key factors in Fire & Gas system management. CORE have developed cMAC to enhance your understanding of all three elements.

Fire and Gas 3D Mapping

An extra dimension

Fire & Gas detector availability

Meeting your targets

Fire & Gas detector coverage

Am I covered?
Fire and Gas

Fire & Gas Management


  • Active fire & gas management
  • Reduce lifecycle costs
  • Strategic maintenance planning
  • Easy to modify
  • Baseline for F&G Verification
  • Centralised location for all layouts
  • Model reflects asset status