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Development Programme

The Journey from Graduate to Professional Engineer

If you aspire to build a technically challenging and rewarding career in the field of Control and Instrument engineering then the training programme with Core will provide the perfect foundation for you to achieve your goal.

Our graduate training programme is developed around the UK-SPEC requirements and is designed to provide each candidate with the necessary experience and support to achieve 'Chartered Engineer' status with the support of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

The two year programme offered by Core provides our graduates with the fundamental knowledge required to develop a career in the Oil and Gas industry. This will be achieved through a combination of gaining practical experience and taking responsibility for work on a variety of onshore and offshore scopes with the most experienced team of process control engineers in the UK supplemented with internal and external training courses to provide you with the skills and competencies you require to perform these tasks.

In addition, individual internal reviews will be conducted periodically with your appointed Core professional mentor to ensure that you can demonstrate all of the other UK-SPEC requirements such as;

  • application of new technologies,
  • application of theoretical and practical methods in the analysis and development of engineering solutions,
  • demonstration of interpersonal skills,
  • technical and commercial leadership,
  • commitment to the profession.

Our Grading Structure

Once on the Core engineers' grading structure you will be assessed against a Core Skillset matrix to evaluate and allow development of your skills and competencies. From time to time your grade will change as a result of this. In Core because we value the technical skills that engineers contribute to the company and wish to 'Make Engineers Better Engineers', we won't encourage you to become a manager in order to progress your career. We will encourage you to become a better engineer and reward you accordingly.