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Process Control Training Course 2019

A two-day process control training course developed to empower the technicians and engineers responsible for supporting upstream oil and gas topsides operations.


PID Snip    

Optimised process control is an essential factor in maintaining production rates, maximising uptime and meeting targets for emissions and produced water quality:

Typical challenges include:

  • Slugging from platform and remote multiphase flowlines
  • Production completely reliant on gas lift and the importance of compressor uptime
  • Tight environmental restrictions on flaring and low OIW ppm
  • Increased safety requirements such as low alarm rates, increased scrutiny on overrides and controllers operating in manual
  • Maintaining uptime and (daily) production targets
  • Turndown

This two-day course has been developed to benefit Technicians and Engineers responsible for resolving such operational problems so they can address more of these issues themselves.

Key Course Topics include:

Offshore Process Control

  • Introduction
  • Components of a control loop
  • Process identification
  • Basic offshore control strategies
  • PID control theory
  • How to manually tune loops
  • Open Loop & Tuning Packages
  • Tuning criteria, process systems & PID control enhancements
  • Slug handling
  • Common design mistakes & recommendations

 Detailed Gas Compression Training

  • Compressor Surge Protection and Antisurge Control
  • Benefits of surge testing compressors
  • Capacity control of offshore compressors (Throttling versus speed control versus recycling)
  • Loadsharing of parallel compression trains
  • Common problems encountered


Course Dates 

The course will be held on the 14th/15th November 2019 in Aberdeen at a venue to be confirmed. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Training courses outside Aberdeen and overseas can be arranged if sufficient interest is present.

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